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Meet Dr. Michael A. Brannan, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Michael A. Brannan earned his chiropractic license on 2004 after graduating from the Palmer West Chiropractic School.

As an experienced Chiropractor, Dr. Brannan is committed to promoting the health and well being of his patients through the latest techniques and the very best in natural mineral and vitamin supplements.

Dr. Brannan's "Whole Person Approach" to patient care deals with more than the treatment of immediate pain. By blending the latest hands-on chiropractic techniques with balanced nutrition and lifestyle advice, Dr. Brannan is able to help you accelerate your journey to good health. Once your goals are achieved, a continued adherence to Dr. Brannan's advice ensures a life of "wellness" and good health.


Graduated from Palmer West Chiropractic School in 2004
Board Certified in the State of Michigan
Memberships & Associations:
Member of Michigan Association of Chiropractors
Member of International Association of Chiropractors

Meet Dr. Christine Lindsey, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Christine Lindsey graduated from Life University in Marietta Georgian in 2009 where she also studied nutritional counseling as her undergraduate degree. Prior to her Doctoral studies she was a nutritional representative for Advocare International where she worked closely with athletes to achieve their goals of health and elite wellness.

As a chiropractor Dr. Lindsey's objective is to provide an innovative approach to health that will elevate society and evolve the current health care system. She strives to empower her patients to actively participate in their health care and to educate the patients on the body's innate abilities to be self-aware, self- maintaining, self- healing and self-improving.

She has extensive knowledge of injuries, illness and defects with the ability to set up effective care plans for chiropractic cases as well as nutritional planning. Dr. Lindsey has an outstanding ability to provide effective treatment and advice on social and personal health issues.

While in school Dr. Lindsey became proficient in pediatric adjusting by taking additional classes and excelling. She is now the proud mother of a 3 year old daughter who has been under chiropractic care since birth. This has peaked her passion of pediatric chiropractic care.